Soda lime float glass is the most common and least expensive type of glass. It contains about 70% silica, along with soda, lime, and small amounts of other compounds. The soda lowers the temperature at which the silica melts, while the lime stabilizes the silica. About 90% of glass manufactured is soda-lime. 

It’s chemically stable, inexpensive, and is very workable because it can be softened multiple times during the fabrication of a product. It is a softer glass, which is an asset because it makes fabrication via cutting easier, but this does mean it is less scratch-resistant than other types of glass, such as borosilicate.

Soda-lime glass is often tempered to increase its thermal shock resistance and strength or can be chemically strengthened.

It is also commonly known as soda-lime-silica glass or window glass.

There are other common variations with additional properties.  The main ones are as follows:
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Schott B270™️